Graphic rubber stamps

Create and order your individual graphic stamp, containing e.g. your logo or your signature. We produce the most selling rubber stamp models from the leading stamp manufacturers such as Colop or Trodat. You'll also find useful stamp accessories in our rubber stamp shop.

Trodat Printy as graphic rubber stamp

The Trodat Printy is the MOST selling selk-inking rubber stamp. This rubber stamp will fit for every purpose: in the office, at home or on the way. Trodat Printy is a perfect model for graphic stamps. Just upload your design as .jpg. Our system will suggest the most fitting models. Order now your Trodat Printy online.

Trodat Printy graphic stamp

Your Trodat Professional graphic stamp!

The Trodat Professional is a robust rubber stamp made of steel, combined with a modern design. It will last for thousands of impressions! Text plate and ink pad are replaceable. Design now your Trodat Professional as graphic stamp with your own design.

Trodat Professional

Colop Classic as graphic stamp

Colop classic is most widely used professional stamp. The Colop Classic is the best value for money you can get in professional stamping. Create now your Colop Classic as graphic stamp by uploading your own design (.jpg).

Colop Classic

Order Colop Green Line as graphic stamp

The Green Line products are made of a minimum of 75% recycled plastic. The Colop Green Line offers either the handy Colop Printer model or the robust Colop Classic model. In both Green Line models ink pad and text plates can be replaced. Choose now your Colop Green Line stamp!

Colop Green Line

Colop Printer as individual graphic rubber stamp

The best value for money in plastic self-inking rubber stamps. Being a compact stamp, the Colop Printer is ideal for graphic impressions. Text plates and ink pads can be replaced. Create now your your Colop Printer stamp as graphic rubber stamp!

Colop Printer


Classic rubber stamp as graphic stamp

It's flexibility in size and cost makes it a great alternative to the self-inking rubber stamps. We also offer XXL formats! Create online your individual classic rubber stamp as graphic stamp.

classic rubber stamps

Buy Colop EOS as graphic stamp

Excellence in stamp quality and value. The Colop EOS pre-inked stamps offer superior impression quality. No separate ink pad is needed as the text plate is pre-inked. Up to 50'000 impressions! Simply upload your design and choose the stamp model you wish.

Colop EOS as graphic stamp

Create an indidivual stamp - how does it work?

Thanks to our online designing tool you can design and order your individual rubber stamp easily and comfortably online.

Would you like to order a text rubber stamp? Simply click on 'Create Text Stamp' and enter your individual text. Our system will show you the ideal model(s). Choose the model you wish - finished!

Rather order a graphic rubber stamp instead? Upload your desired graphic, logo or theme on our upload page. Again, our system will show you the ideal models. Pick the model you wish - finished!

Order your rubber stamp today - we post it tomorrow!

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