Frequently asked questions regarding graphic stamps

We are more than happy to assist you with the creation of your graphic stamp. We are not designers and therefore do not offer services in creating new artwork. But we will assist you in digitalizing existing templates you already have. Please check below the most frequently asked questions regarding images and the upload of files.

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  1. How do I order a graphic stamp?
  2. This is very easy!
    The price of your stamp will depend on the size of your text / artwork. There are 3 easy ways to find out how much your stamp will cost:
    1. Create your graphic in a program (read more below)
    2. Upload the graphic on our website
    3. Resize online if necessary
    4. Choose your stamp model
    5. Enter your shipping address
    6. Done

  3. Does a graphic stamp cost more?
  4. No, all prices depend only on the size of a design and the stamp model you choose.

  5. How do I create a graphical image for my new stamp?
  6. In order to create a design you ideally use an image editing software like Corel Draw or Photoshop. Preferably save your artwork as TIF or JPG. However, you can also send as your Excel or Word templates. Please make sure that the resolution of any graphic you upload is 600dpi.

  7. Can I combine a logo and text on my stamp?
  8. Not a problem. Simply add the required text together with your logo in your favorite image editing software, design it to your liking and save it as a TIF or JPG (ideally in black and white resolution in order to minimize the file size). You can then upload the image on our website. Please ensure a resolution of a minimum of 600dpi!

  9. Can I use Excel-, Word or PowerPoint artwork?
  10. This type of artwork cannot be uploaded directly as these programs do not create graphic formats. Therefore please Email us any such artwork on and we will be happy to convert those for you. This service is free of charge.

  11. Which image formats can be uploaded?
  12. You can use all popular formats such as .bmp, .png, .jpg, .tif, .gif. Please keep in mind to upload images with a resolution of 600dpi. Once you have uploaded an image please check the Preview PDF or TIF image (see point 4 in our design upload process) as all images are automatically converted to suitable production file once uploaded. Please feel free to e-mail us you your image to if the file exceeds 500kb or if you are finding it difficult to upload a design you have.

  13. Can my signature be turned into a stamp imprint?
  14. No problem at all! Please scan your signature and upload the scanned file on our website. Make sure that you use a pen that gives a clear image of the signature. Again make sure to create a file with a resolution of 600dpi.

  15. What do I need to keep in mind regarding the size/resolution?
  16. Your graphic should ideally have a resolution of 600dpi. However, the file should not be larger than 500kb for the upload. Feel free to e-mail your image to if you encounter problems. For professionals: You can save your template as 1-bit-file (black and white) with a compression (ideally LWS compression) in order to minimize file size.

  17. Why is the on-screen preview of a very low quality?
  18. If your template has the necessary resolution (600dpi) we will certainly use it for production. However, in order to ensure faster loading times on the website, we only display a lower resolution preview of your image, which may display slightly differently. Please print out the PDF / TIF preview (point 4 in our uploading process) to see what your stamp will look like.

  19. Can I use a template from the internet for my stamp?
  20. In most cases images from the internet have a very low resolution (72dpi) which is often not enough for the stamp production. You can send us such files and we can see what we can do for you.

  21. How can I check the quality of my image?
  22. If you are not sure if your image is adequate for production, simply try uploading it and print out the PDF-Preview. If you are happy with it, you will also be happy with the stamp.

  23. Which fonts can I use?
  24. You can use all fonts if you generate an image out of your template. If you struggle with the conversion don't hesitate to e-mail us your image (directly as a Word or Excel file or any format you have). Please do not forget to also send the font if you are sending us text in a special font. (See instructions below of how to send fonts).

  25. What do I have to keep in mind regarding my fonts?
  26. lease remember that fonts should have at least 6 points size as thinner and smaller lines may not print clearly.

  27. How can I send a font to you via e-mail?
  28. Please open the Windows-Explorer and go to your Local Disk (your hard drive). Open the folder labeled windows and navigate to the fonts (normally C:\WINDOWS\Fonts) folder. This folder contains all fonts that are installed on your PC. Simply copy the necessary font onto your desktop and from there send it as an e-mail attachment to

  29. How do large black surfaces stamp?
  30. Please keep in mind that large black surfaces are not ideal for stamps as the paper will have to absorb a lot of ink. Therefore a large black area will not stamp nicely and should be avoided in designing a rubber stamp printable image.

  31. How do I print a PDF-Preview of my graphic?
  32. In order to see your PDF-Preview, please upload your graphic on our website. You will then be provided with a link to your PDF-Preview, which you can use to view and print your PDF-Preview.

  33. Can I make a stamp out of my signature?
  34. Yes. Simply sign clearly with a pen onto a piece of paper and scan your signature with a resolution of 300dpi to 600dpi and save this file. This file you can upload on our website and easily order online.

  35. What happens with my graphic does not fulfill the requirements?
  36. Please understand that our upload function accepts all images at first, even if they are not suitable. Our production team will then review your image and will make the final decision whether it is suitable for production. You will be informed via e-mail or phone if this is not the case. You can then send us a new version via e-mail and we will amend your order.

  37. What else should I keep in mind?
  38. In order to be offered the smallest stamp model possible for your design please make sure you leave as little white boarder around your image as possible.

  39. Enjoy designing and ordering your own design stamp and do not forget:
  40. We are happy to help with any questions you may have!

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